The Teachings Of Jesus


The Teachings Of Jesus

The Teachings Of Jesus

There lived a woman who had heard much of Jesus as a great healer and teacher, and on this Sabbath afternoon she came over, bringing her little daughter. The child, about twelve years old, was afflicted with a grievous nervous disorder characterized by convulsions and other distressing manifestations.

Jesus had charged his associates to tell no one of his presence at this home, explaining that he desired to have a rest. But some one inform this woman that Jesus lodged at the home of her mistress and had
urged this anxious bring her afflicted daughter for healing. This mother, of course, believed that her
child was possessed by a demon, an unclean spirit.

When the woman arrived with her daughter, she learned through an interpreter that the Master was resting and could not be disturbed; whereupon the woman replied that she and the child would remain right there until the Master had finished his rest. They also endeavored to reason with her and to persuade her to go home. But it was futile; the woman would not leave. To their entreaties she replied only: “I will not depart until I have seen your Master. I know he can cast the demon out of my child,
and I will not go until the healer has looked upon my daughter.”

Then an apostle sought to send the woman away but met only with failure. To him she said: “I have faith that your Master can cast out this demon which torments my child. I have heard of his mighty works in Galilee, and I believe in him. What has happened to you, his disciples, that you would send away those who come seeking your Master’s help?” And when she had thus spoken, the apostle withdrew.
Then came forward another apostles to remonstrate with the woman. Said: “Woman, you are a gentile-speaking. It is not right that you should expect the Master to take the bread intended for the children of the favored household and cast it to the dogs.” But the woman refused to take offense at the apostle thrust. She replied only: “Yes, teacher, I understand your words.

I am only a dog in your eyes, but as concerns your Master, I am a believing dog. I am determined that he shall see my daughter, for I am persuaded that, if he shall but look upon her, he will heal her. And even you, my good man, would not dare to deprive the dogs of the privilege of obtaining the crumbs which chance to fall from the children’s table.” At just this time the little girl was seized with a violent convulsion before them all, and the mother cried out: “There, you can see that my child is possessed by an evil spirit. If our need does not impress you, it would appeal to your Master, who I have been told loves all men and dares even to heal the gentiles when they believe. You are not worthy to be his disciples. I will not go until my child has been cured.”
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