“I have been writing ever since I could hold a writing tool in my hand and I have not looked back since because writing is in me & apart of me. It is my fuel. It is my energy. I have been fortunate to realize at such a young age, my gift. A large part of my purpose, is to use that gift to reach people.
To reach people through the vehicle and power of words;‘It is the spoken Word which gives life’.

Janelle Monique is certainly leaving no doors un-opened! She is a; Writer, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, and Author of currently 2 short stories, including two inspirational books. Janelle Monique has performed in a variety of arenas, including; churches, lounges/cafes, on internet radio, stage shows and even clubs.
She has performed both locally and across the United States. Her work hsa been featured on popular radio stations such as; FLOW 93.5FM, CHRY 105.5FM, CIUT 89.5FM AND CKLN 88.1FM. Her message never changes-Spreading the message of inspiration wherever she goes.

In 2004, she headed into the studio to record her first ever Spoken Word EP, with her featured track entitled; ‘WONDERFUL WOMAN’. (Her spin to Proverbs 31 in the Bible). Between 2009-2011, performing took a back-burner for Janelle Monique. In that time, she continued to write material, material which was very fresh for her during that season of her life. Her hurdles, questions, disappointments and trials was her catalyst that encouraged her to write. And that she did.

In late 2012, she determined to get into the studio and record a piece that was very timely for her at that time. A track single entitled; “HE SAID. SHE SAID.” She is currently promoting and marketing this single, (her most recent track). ‘HE SAID, SHE SAID” is the first of an array of others in which she will be recording to form a new album.
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