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Thomas Ngijol,  – France

2011 / 94’
French with English subtitles
Actors :  Fabrice Eboue, Thomas Ngijol, Stefi Celma,

Feb, 16 | 7 pm | Royal Cinema | $10

Half-brothers, Joel and Régis have in common that they barely know their father .Joël is unemployed and not really smart. France, “racist country” according to him, is the cause of all his failures and being black is permanent excuse he found not to seek work or pay his bus ticket .Régis is in turn wholly integrated. So much so that he completely denies he is half black and does not support what refers to its origins. At the bedside of their dying father in the West Indies, they receive any inheritance to the act of emancipation which has given freedom to their slave ancestors, a document that is transmitted from generation to generation. With little regard to the symbolic richness of this document, they tear it apart. A mysterious old aunt watching them since their arrival in the West Indies decided to let them back in time, in the midst of slavery! Parachuted in 1780, they will be sold in the market as slaves. The two brothers will then have to unite, not only to escape the plantation but also to find a way to return home, the twenty-first century



First act: UMKHUNGO

Poull Brien – USA
2012 / 74’

Feb, 15 | 5pm | Carlton Cinema | $10

For decades he’s been Black Velvet, a soul singer scraping by in Brooklyn’s projects with small club gigs in the evenings and odd jobs by day. But 62-year-old Charles Bradley has an impossible dream: he wants to make it in the music industry as…himself. As if that weren’t challenge enough, he’s also supporting the mother who abandoned him as a child, struggling to pay his own bills, and, in his spare time, learning to read. When Bradley’s noticed by the soul maestros at Daptone Records, it seems as though he just might have a chance. With lyrics that draw directly from the anguish and hardship of his life, his electrifying performances transform pain and sorrow into an experience of sublime transcendence.



First act: OF MARY

Rolie Nikiwe – South Africa, Kenya
2011 / 97′
English, Zulu, Other
With : Hakeem kae-kazim, Kevin ndege mamboleo, Kendra etufunwa

Feb, 16 | 9pm | Carlton Cinema | $10

An uplifting story of the trials and tribulations of a young man whose dreams of football fame and fortune are jeopardised by an impulsive mistake. Inside Story is a unique feature-length film that combines the exciting story of a rising soccer star with an enlightening animated journey of HIV inside the human body. Beautifully directed, with very strong performances, Inside Story is a remarkably honest account of the impact of HIV and AIDS that recognizes the inspiring fact that we can lead strong and productive lives while living with the virus.



Obi Emelonye – Nigeria | UK

2012 / 81’
Actors :  Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Hakeem Kae-Kazim and Jim Iyke

Feb, 17 | 7pm | Royal Cinema | $10

Based on true events… A set of everyday Nigerian travelers’s board the last Flamingo Airways flight scheduled to fly from Lagos to Abuja on a fateful Friday night in 2006. Young lovers, an elderly couple, a corporate party, a sportsman on the threshold of greatness; all the passengers are caught up in the nightmare scenario and sense the final moments of their lives approach. All…except one! What does he know? Will they survive…The last flight to Abuja?




2012 – 89’ -French subtitled in English –

Feb, 14 | 9pm | Carlton Cinema | $10

Sophie underwent genital mutilation in Africa at the age of four and then immigrated to Quebec. Twenty years later, having graduated with a degree in film, she gets a summer job in a travelling amusement park. When her boss finds out about her film background, he asks her to make a short video about his company. Sophie gets caught up in the game with her camera, filming everything – even things that have nothing to do with her work. She films her friends, and also herself, and gradually she sees that she is creating something else – that she is making a film about her own life and about the secret that she has kept since her childhood.


Vibeke Muasya – Denmark

2010 / 93’
Danish with English subtitles
Actors: Connie Nielsen, Lars Mikkelsen, Simon Larsen,

Feb, 15 | 7pm | Carlton Cinema | $10

Simon,11, a black adopted boy and soccer enthusiast, travels with his Danish mother to his country of origin, Kenya. Soon after arriving, Simon loses his beloved soccer ball. When he tries to find it, he gets lost in the biggest city-slum in Africa. With his trendy shoes and fancy clothes, he clearly stands out, but after he gets mugged, he soon looks like any other African boy. When Simon’s mom, Susanne, goes to the media promising a reward for getting her son back, Simon is suddenly a hunted boy in the alleyways of the slum—he now needs all the help he can get from his new friends.



Avie Luthra – South Africa

2011 / 100′
English, Zulu and other with English subtitles
Actors:Sihle Dlamini, Jayashree Basavaraj, James Ngcobo, Vusi Kunene

Feb, 16 | 7pm | Carlton Cinema | $10

How could a recently orphaned, 10-year old homeless South African boy ever be called Lucky? Over the grave of his dead mother, Lucky promises to make something of himself. Leaving the security of his remote Zulu village for the big city with the hope of going to school, he arrives on the doorstep of an uncle who has no interest in caring for him. Lucky then meets an elderly Indian woman with an ingrained fear of Africans, who takes him in as she would a stray dog. Together, unable to speak each other’s language, they develop an unlikely bond, and try to find Lucky a new life and family. Through an odyssey marked by greed, violence, and ultimately, belonging, LUCKY shows how a child’s spirit can bring out decency, humility and even love in adults struggling to survive in the new South Africa.







David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga – Kenya | Germany
2012 / 96’
Swahili | Kikuyu | English with English subtitles
Actors : Joseph Wairimu, Olwenya Maina and Nancy Wanjiku Karanja

Feb, 13 | 7pm | TIFF Bell LightBox | $15

A young, aspiring actor from upcountry Kenya dreams of becoming a success in the big city. In pursuit of this and to the chagrin of his brother and parents, he makes his way to Nairobi:the city of opportunity.






Part of the Closing Night

Kenneth Dupuis, Wyatt Cagle and Gordon S. Williams – USA
2012 / 10’
With: Karina Pal-Montaño and Damon Nash

Feb, 17 | 7pm | Royal Cinema

Scott and Kara have an interesting and loving relationship that is a mixture of being “best friends” and “best enemies.” They are forced to examine themselves and their relationship when they face the possibilities of a major life changing event. They quickly realize life is Not Like The Commercials.




Followed by INSIDE STORY

Adrian Lester – England
2011 / 21′
English with French subtitles
Actors: Tom Brooke (Jason), Kehinde Fadipe (Mary)

Feb, 16 | 9pm | Carlton Cinema

Jason Lawrence returns home to find he is estranged from his wife and son. He wants to reach them but there is more distance between them than he ever imagined. Mary, his wife, cannot imagine them being together again. Freddie, their 6 year old son, wants to be with his dad. One choice will change everything. Their family life hangs in the balance.




Sara Blecher – South africa
2011 / 96’
Zulu with English subtitles
Actors:Jafta Mamabolo, Thomas Gumede, SihleXaba, Tshepang Mohlomi, Kenneth Nkosi

Feb, 15 | 7pm | Royal Cinema | $10

South Africa, 1988. Three Zulu Boys discover surfing as an escape from the harshness of apartheid. But as Mandela is freed, they discover that greed, jealousy and violence lurk beneath the surface of their newfound freedom.




Part of the Nollywood Special

Kunle Afolayan – Nigeria
2012 /
Actors : Nse Ikpe-Etim, Wale Ojo

Feb, 14 | 7pm | Carlton Cinema | $10

Akin and Mary meet for the first time at an airport where they accidentally bump into each other and mistakenly swap their identical phones . This leads to a destination mix up after they receive one another’s text regarding a travel destination. Consequently, Akin ends up traveling to where Mary is supposed to go and vice versa. Neither knows about the swap until they have reached their opposite destinations and “the phone” stops ringing (In Mary’s case) and “Won’t stop ringing” (In Akins’s case) . As a result of the phone swap, they agree to help carry out each other’s missions, armed with the information and data on each other’s phone. But it’s not as easy as they both think as new obstacles and complications rise at every turn as they both struggle to adapt to their alien environment and situation. Mary has to walk in Akins shoes and represent him in a company meeting while Akin has to represent Mary in her the family meeting.




Sam Pollard – USA
2012 / 85’

Feb, 16 | 5pm | Carlton Cinema | $10

This documentary challenges one of Americans’ most cherished assumptions: the belief that slavery in this country ended with the Emancipation Proclamation. The film shows how even as chattel slavery came to an end in the South in 1865, thousands of African Americans were pulled back into forced labour with shocking force and brutality. It was a system in which men, often guilty of no crime at all, were arrested, compelled to work without pay, repeatedly bought and sold, and coerced to do the bidding of masters. Tolerated by both the North and South, forced labour lasted well into the 20th century. For most Americans this is an entirely new history. This film gives voice to the largely forgotten victims and perpetrators of forced labour and features their descendants living today.




Maria Peters – Netherlands
2011 / 130′
Dutch with English subtitles
Actors:Ricky Koole, Sergio Hasselbaink, Angelo Arnhem

Feb, 14 | 7pm | Royal Cinema | $10

This is the true story of a remarkable love between two ordinary people: Rika, a typical Dutch mother of four, and Waldemar, a Surinamese man 17 years her junior. Their love is strong enough to withstand nearly all prejudices and opposition, until it comes up against the devastating power of the Second World War.




Part of the Nollywood Special

Niyi Towolawi – Nigeria
2012 /
English and other
Actors: Igoni Archibong,KD Aubert,Ernie Hudson, Cynda Williams,Jackie Appiah

Feb, 15 | 9pm | Carlton Cinema | $10

A compelling story of complacence, karma, ethnic prejudice, moral justifications and redemption. Set in New York and Lagos, Nigeria, Ade (Igoni Archibong) is a playboy Nigerian-American investment banker working at a successful firm in New York City. He is in a relationship with keen-to-marry African-American Stacey (KD Aubert). Her family (Ernie Hudson, Cynda Williams) had been cautious of this “African” but begins to warm to him due to his professional success and charm. However, Ade’s manipulative mother (Patience Ozokwor) back in Nigeria would rather her son gets serious and dumps “that girl with no traceable roots” in favour of a wife from within her social circle. He is tricked into visiting Nigeria only to discover an arranged marriage had already been conducted on his behalf with a complete





Matthew Jankes – South Africa
2011 / 29′
Zulu with English subtitles
Actors: Israel Makoe (Mthunzi) Sivuyisiwe Mtshaka (Themba)

Feb, 15 | 5pm | Carlton Cinema

A disillusioned Johannesburg street thug rescues an orphaned child with uncontrollable supernatural powers. On the run, he must help the sickly boy master his gift before a superstitious family member finds them.




2013 Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language film

Kim Nguyen – CANADA
2012- 90’ – French-Lingala St English

Feb, 14 | 5pm | Carlton Cinema | $10

KOMONA , a 14 year old girl, tells her unborn child the story of how she became a rebel. It all began when she was 12; kidnapped by the rebel army, she was forced to carry a AK 47 and kill. Her only escape and friend is MAGICIAN, a 15 year old boy who wants to marry her. Despite the horrors and daily grind of war, Komona and Magician fall in love.They thought they had escaped the war, but fate decided otherwise. In order to survive, Komona will need to return to where she came from and make amends with her















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