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Aids is a chemical reaction


To Say that Aids came form monkey in Africa is redneck science, Aids is a chemical reaction

By J Cole



Everything about aids testify that it came from a lab; big disease like aids does not come sudden. Primary diseases always have a secondary front runner, every thing has on history, but aids does not.

The popular so-called scientific view is said to be that aids came from monkey in Africa. Scientist came to a conclusion without evidence. Simple, its the redneck way out; Africa is easy to blame; so they perjury the innocent.

There are no evidence that Aids came from monkey in Africa, its just a so called scientific public opinion which is : ‘We do not know where Aids came from but it commonly believe that it came from Africa.”

Facts are the source of science but in Africa case science does not need facts

Aids has some resemblance to cancer, but its not cancer. Cancer also has its genesis in chemical which came over along period of time from livable chemicals in small doses. Aids on the other hand came sudden. Cancer can be pass on to the children without notice because the white blood cells were able to defended the immune system but when the child exposed themselves to their own small doses in the course of time those small doses became full dose and over power the defense of the white blood cells. That is when it is said that a person have cancer. Aids on the other hand destroys the white cells instantly.

Aids is a  reaction

Aids is a reaction

Bio-evolution teaches that primary diseases do not come sudden, rather there are always lots of secondary front runners. Mad Cow, Bird Flu, and H1N1, were all low end diseases, not high end like aids. They were front runners, but because they were stop then there will be no high end to follow; because it is the secondary low end diseases that evolved into primary high end diseases. So where are aids front runners?



The evidence shows that monkeys in Africa does not naturally carry the strain for aids, only the single monkey that show to have aids, which is a lab monkey. No other animal in Africa that eats monkeys have the aids strain, which again its impossible, the food chain was not affected, Testify that aids came from an isolated environment.

If aids did came from monkey in Africa there would be no life left in Africa long before 1980; because the secondary front runner would long wiped the population out much less its evolved into a big and primary as aids. It would have contaminated the entire food chain.

Aids came from a lab monkey in the America Russia cold war weaponry development program, and it was test a human and things went out of control and as cowards they blame the innocent, Africa.

I believe the records on the genesis on the development of AIDS is lock away some where and soon are later some one will make the revelation know.

The scientist are moral cowards, and Africa must take note so that when arrived on the stage of African glory those feeble minded wimps may be driven out of town; so that a new stage may set where scientist are required to be morally stable and intellectually balance.

Aids is a chemical reaction, not a disease

The information on Wikipedia and Aids websites are not consistent with true origins of Aids in the 1980’s, these websites presentation on Aids origins keep changing the to justify the African origins of Aids. To get a true insight in Aids origins seek out printed documents published in 1980 to 1983



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