The Caribbean Tales Film Festival World Premiere for 2013 “No Bois Man No Fraid” by Trinidadian & Tobago’s Christopher Laird



Christopher Laird | 86 min | Trinidad | 2013
Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Reception & Screening – $60
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NO BOIS MAN Mayaro2 copy

Two young Trinidadian internationally certified multi-disciplined martial artists rediscover their roots in unique Trinidadian martial art of Kalinda or Stickfighting and are accepted for mentorship by living legends of the art as they enter the potentially lethal arena of the Gayelle which to them is a ring of liberation.

About The Director:

TEDxPOS_Speakers_Christopher_LairdChristopher Laird, has been a teacher, published the arts journal Kairi and ran a theatre in Port of Spain during the 1970s. He has produced over 300 documentaries, dramas and other video productions with Banyan Ltd. over the past 30 years garnering a score of national, regional and international awards.

He has been Managing Director of Banyan Ltd. for the past 30 years and has overseen the establishment what is arguably the world’s largest collection of Caribbean culture on video in the Caribbean Film and Video Archive. In 2004 he co-founded (with Errol Fabian), and acted as CEO for  Gayelle: The Channel, the region’s first all Caribbean free to air television station.

No Bois Man No Fraid 30 sec from Caribbea



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