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LINKS Manya Krobo Youth Coordinating Council (MKYCC) was founded in 2010 to provide ongoing community building and development work within this region.



Tabonoinstitute.com is Live!
Finally Tabono Institute website is live! Pulling everything together has been a labour of love and determination by many people. Much appreciated!! There are so many challenges facing our community but we intent to focus intently and intensely on a few things that we think can make a substantial difference, using the brilliance and creativity that is all around us – especially with young people. We won’t court controversy but also won’t shy away from it if we have to take a stand for equity, anti-oppression or social justice principles. We will step outside the box a little and explore some things in different and interesting ways! An Afrikan proverb states that “If the mountain was smooth we could not climb it”. We know it will be challenging but fun and we look forward to the ride and building together.



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