Julion King introduces “Authentic Fridays” of DJs, Bands, Singers and Seminars at new club Sankofa on the Eglinton Strip starting Friday August 21


“We start at 7:00pm at Sankofa Restaurant & Bar this Friday… Been having so many conversations about reggae music and the creation of an infrastructure. This is sudden to some yet this is a start… Conversation, then dancing… All internet radio, artists, bands whomever wish an upliftment to this current system”.

Authentic Fridays
Why authentic? We are looking for that “vibe”. We all know it and get it at some dances or the odd party. Music! All kinds! Reggae music, R & B, soul music, good food (fish dinners, ital food), good people, good energy…
African Star will play sometimes and we will have guest DJs along the way.
Reggae flourished on Eglinton west, late sixties into the seventies when “Little Jamaica” was the hub of Reggae Canada. Many artists and fans gathered on the strip to spend time at the record stores to drop flyers, meet up to reason, listen to new releases and all things reggae.
Reggae Lane got named and African Star has a club on the strip now. It is a time to revitalize Little Jamaica to the reggae roots from which it comes. Starting next Friday, 21st August, we will keep the vibe real to how we used to feel it. Feel the music…
For now it is a DJ vibe, no cover yet I will bring in live bands from time to time and on those days we will need your aid to pay the talent. We charge cover or put down a container to collect while the band performs. If we pay well, we keep the bands and encourage a live scene for reggae music. I leave it to the fans to decide.
Friday 21st August, 2015, Sankofa Restaurant & Bar, 1653 Eglinton Avenue west, west of Oakwood. ALL are welcome…



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