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Race and Race


By J Cole
All races are the same before God in spirit, but not in mind and experiences.
You must remember that race is a course the individual in the race are taking and each race is a lesson, and each lesson is different. So its not the race, rather, it is the progression of the person in the race.

One race attained things easier than another race, but when that other race attained the same thing it is of more gravity. One race may tend to have more unity in self than the other race but when that other race attained that state of unity it transcended the other race state of unity. So when both races standing on the same stage the one master the course best will triumph

The race and the persons in the race are not the same. Race are material form and not the person. An high personality can dwell in a low race, as we have seen; Christ, a Paradise type of high son dwell as man. Its not the race, rather, its the person in the race that maters. Each race has the same goal but took different route, and each is powerful before God. God. gave all race dignity when Jesus was born among the animals, an high Son start the same as man. Jesus teaches that when man arrived in heaven ‘ high sons will come and sit at their feet,’ because they want to gain some of man experiences’

In this world, what is called high is not necessarily high, and what is called low is not necessarily low. On the stage of functions of race, on a level playing field, with each race has its own team to compete with each other and the so called low will triumph over the so called high; tribulation added something to mind. The person that went through the fire and did not got burnt education has be of higher gravity than he who did not goes through the fire, else he will not have any platform for expression. And, if a person cannot find a way to go forward he will turn around and go backward.

If a school is built at JaneFinch to compete with Canada Upper College, you would see for yourself that those at JaneFinch school would triumph over those a Canada Upper College, but if those at JaneFinch were to sent to study at Canada Upper College they would become dull, weak, uncultivated, and even dropout. But, as you can see, without JaneFinch School, Canada Upper College is high.

So the focus tension in education takes its origins from the race emotions. Going to Harvard is good but has little or no meaning to the black person because the value systems are built on the European racial emotion which is not high enough to cultivates the black person mind.

That is why black graduates from these schools do not have any influences in the black world. These grads truly wanted to help elevate Africa but felt void of that creative power; because the European mind gravity cannot influence the African mind gravity, Africa has to drill its own well. Build schools to compete with Harvard, write to compete with Shakespeare and other literature, build government to co compete with America, developed arts to compete with European arts and Greek words, and find God for yourself.

I don’t quote Shakespeare, I write to compete with him.

The future generation will be intelligent, powerful, and strong, because of the strength they inherited from the complexity of many races. Many race starts out crude but yield good harvest in the end



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